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I'm a Lake Charles native and 2019 graduate of La Institute of Massage Therapy. My passion for massage comes from knowing that the care and services I provide my clients not only makes them feel better but also improves their overall quality of life. I love nurturing my clients back to health and wellness.

In my free time I enjoy ​spending quality time with ​my family, traveling, working ​out, eating good food, and ​anything involving the arts.


Sana News

Sana Massage is a mobile massage and body service for ​women, offering peace and relaxation, in the comfort and ​convenience of their own space. Must book services at least ​2hrs in advance (preferably day before).

Sana’s services include:

  • Massage (swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone)
  • Body Contouring (non surgical liposuction, non surgical ​skin tightening, non surgical bbl, non surgical breast ​augmentation)
  • Waxing (brazilian, armpits, lip)
  • Yoni Steams

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Car Travel Route

Sana Massage travels up to 15 miles from ​Lake Charles for no extra charge. For ​distances over 15 miles there is a travel ​charge of $2.75/mi. Travel fee will be ​calculated after booking is received and ​must be paid prior to service


Vintage Decorative Line Art


Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage (also known as the “classic massage”) is the best known and most widely practiced type of massage therapy. There are a variety of techniques used in Swedish massage including circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, light tapping, and more. Includes table warmer, hot towels and aromatherapy treatment.

Prenatal Belly Facial

The pampering and relaxation all moms-to-be deserve! Experience includes an exfoliating cleanse, steam, belly massage, a hydro jelly mask to help hydrate and moisturize itchy skin. Mama also receives a scalp, hand, and foot massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage but with a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies slow, firm pressure to release muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. Includes table warmer, hot towels and aromatherapy treatment.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage massage assists in easing the pain and trauma of having surgery while also assisting in greatly reducing swelling and inflammation, improving circulation, and decreasing bruising.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage helps with the aches and pains common during pregnancy. For our mommies--to-be this experience aims to improve mood and lower stress levels, helps with pregnancy depression, and reduces swelling in the legs. Includes table warmer, hot towels, and aromatherapy treatment.

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Sana Massage is available to book for ​small groups/parties (office parties, ​girls nights, bridal showers, baby ​showers, birthdays, bachelorette ​parties, etc).



Non-surgical Lipo (Cavitation)

Non-surgical Lipo (Cavitation) is a new revolutionary, non-invasive, and non-surgical procedure that effectively breaks down fat cells to tighten, tone, rejuvenate skin by using high frequency sound waves to liquefy stubborn fat cells resulting in a contoured, slim shape. The body naturally metabolizes the fat cells through the liver which is then removed from your body.

Non-surgical Breast Augmentation

This treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment using vacuum technology to lift and firm breasts making them fuller and plumper.

Non-surgical BBL

This treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment using vacuum ​technology to lift and enlarge buttocks giving you the desired “bubble ​butt” without the pain and costs of surgery.

RF Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens the skin and improves tone without any pain or downtime. Radio Frequency (RF) treatments work by using heat to trigger collagen and elastin production in the skin’s deeper layers. The results are instant. Your skin will look more supple and toned. The treatment involves radio frequency technology that offers a non-invasive, pain-free treatment to help firm skin and boost collagen production.

Wood Therapy

The technique employs a series of repetitive movements using different wooden tools. These tools manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to rid the body of stored toxins. This release of toxins jumpstarts metabolism to burn fat. The manipulation also serves to break down stubborn pockets of cellulite, thereby shrinking unsightly bulges and smoothing orange-peel dimples.

Yoni Steam

Yoni steaming is an age-old natural remedy that cleanses the vagina and uterus, regulates menstruation, and eases period cramps and bloating.

MLD Package (Post-Op)

$1400 / 12sessions

*Save $70

Mommy Makeover $800 / 4 sessions

Non-Surgical Lipo $300 / 4 sessions

Non-Surgical BBL $250 / 4 sessions

Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement $160 / 4 sessions

*Packages must be paid in full at time of purchase.

Bath Bombs

Body Scrubs

Body Butters

Salt Glow Treatment

All products are 100% natural and nontoxic! *click picture to purchase now

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